Therapeutic and Soothing Massage Treatments (Swedish, Deep, Sports)

Massage therapy is an ancient art that has proven to be effective. Primarily the benefits of massage therapy start with relaxation and stress relief. Massage also supports the relief of arthritis, injury, headaches, and various areas of pain in the body, as well as anxiety, insomnia and circulatory problems. Our therapists are state licensed and have many years of experience.

  • 30 min/ $60
  • 45 min/ $70
  • 60 min/ $85
  • 90 min/ $115
  • 120 min/ $155

Add ons:

  • CBD/  $25
  • Deep Tissue/ $25
  • Cupping/ $25
  • Gua Sha/ $25
  • Body scrub/ $25
  • Exfoliating Back Treatment (adds 15 min)*/ $30
  • 30 minute Foot Treatment*/ $50
  • Heated Hand or Foot Treatment*/ $20

*Can be added to a facial

Hot Stone:

  • 60 min/ $105
  • 90 min/ $140

60 Minute Packages:

  • 3-60 min/ $237 ($79/session)
  • 6-60 min/ $468 ($78/session)
  • 8-60 min/ $616 ($77/session)
  • 12-60 min/ $900 ($75/session)

90 Minute Packages:

  • 3-90 min/ $312 ($104/session)
  • 6-90 min/ $618 ($103/session)
  • 8-90 min/ $816 ($102/session)
  • 12-90 min/ $1200 ($100/session)

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage can be a significant ingredient in the expecting mother’s prenatal care. Studies indicate that some of the benefits of prenatal massage are reduced anxiety, decreased symptoms of depression, relives muscle aches and joint pain, and improves outcome of labor and health of mother and baby. This is amazing throughout all the months of pregnancy.

  • 60 min/ $85
  • 90 min/ $115

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

Neuromuscular therapy is a specialized form of massage that uses specific methods to release soft tissue from holding patterns that cause imbalance in the body. The body is examined for posture that causes dysfunction, then using multi-modality techniques to restore the body to a state of restorative balance.

  • 60 min/$85
  • 90 min/ $115

Couples Massage

During the session, the couples receive massages at the same room at the same time. This is a relaxing, personal experience that provides the same benefits as other types of massage, but with the bonus of sharing this intimate time with your loved one.

  • 60 min/ $160
  • 90 min/ $220

Medical Massage

We provide massage and bill your insurance for traffic accidents if you have medpay on your car insurance coverage and you have a prescription for massage on your car insurance coverage, We do not accept third party liens.

  • 15 min units/ $30 with prescription


Reiki is an ancient Japanese art that was developed by Dr Mikao Usui in the 1800’s. The balance between mind, body and spirit are promoted by dissolving energy blocks. This treatment clears the mind and improves focus while creating deep relaxation; releasing stress and tension from the body. It has also been shown to accelerated the body’s self-healing ability.

  • 60 min/ $75